How it works

You can set up a collection for yourself or for a friend.

  • Register


    Register in your name so that you can use your account time and time again to organise GroupGifts.

  • Set up the collection page

    Set up the collection page

    Try and personalise the collection page as much as you can by including a photo of your friend, a photo of the gift and a message to your group encouraging them to give to the group collection.

  • Invite your friends

    Invite your friends

    You can invite your friends in one of 3 ways, via GroupGift (we will need your friends emails), an email sent from you or through Facebook. If you invite via GroupGift we will send your group friendly reminders to contribute to the collection.

  • Track contributions

    Track contributions

    Each time a donation is made you will be notified by GroupGift. At any time just log into your account go to your dashboard and check your balance.

  • Withdraw money

    Withdraw money

    Your collection money is sent directly to an Australian bank account.

  • Go shopping

    Go shopping

    Now you have the money from your group you can go shopping. Have fun!

GroupGift is the easiest way to collect money for a group present.

GroupGift invites, reminds and collects the money from your group.

Use GroupGift for a birthday, a farewell, a thank you, a wedding or any other occasion worth celebrating.

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