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Organising a group gift where you all throw in is a great idea. Convenient for those giving and satisfaction for the gift recipient, as they get one great gift, that they really want.

Group gifts make so much sense but if you’ve ever tried to organise one it can be a real hassle. Keeping track of who has and who hasn’t paid, chasing people for their contribution and sometimes being left out of pocket.

In 2009, GroupGift (formerly GroupPrezzie) founder, Rachel, who is a natural organiser, frequently found herself organising collections for her friends’ birthdays, teacher thank yous and other celebration events.

Ever-energised by improving process, Rachel had a bright idea. To take the process of collecting money from your group and put it online; really simple.

Transacting online was just one part, the second part of the service was allowing people to leave a personalised message which also solved the problem of getting everyone to sign the card.

No more awkward conversations about money owed for a group gift or last minute chasing for cash.

Rachel says, “We have created an online payment service that is convenient, efficient and secure, removing the hassle of collecting (chasing!) money from your group. Try us, you’ll be hooked and your friends will love you!”

Just GroupGift it!

  • GroupGift is easy

    GroupGift is easy
  • GroupGift saves time

    GroupGift saves time
  • GroupGift is hassle-free

    GroupGift is hassle-free

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